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Fritz Eichenberg was a close friend with Dorothy Day and a great supporter of The Catholic Worker. He was a highly celebrated artist dedicated to sharing his outrage about injustice and war and his hopes for more decency and peace in the world. One of his favorite graphic themes came from Isaiah 11: “The lion shall lie down with the lamb.” The lion and lamb show up in several of his prints – even in his famous image of The Stock Market which depicts a bull and bear, a hog and a shark, and the lion and lamb looking mystified as if asking “What is going on here, what are they all doing?”

We have a wonderful inventory of original Fritz Eichenberg wood engravings, printed one at a time directly from the woodblocks which he carved. Each is pencil signed by the artist.

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Because of the extensive nature of our interest in Eichenberg’s art and our large inventory of his prints, we have created this new website, so we can actively offer his work to people and institutions for whom it may have great relevance. We hope you enjoy viewing the prints

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About Fritz Eichenberg Wood Engravings

Each Eichenberg wood engraving was printed in this way: the woodblock which the artist carved is inked, paper is laid on top of it, and then pressed down. This creates one impression. The block then has to be cleaned and inked again, another sheet of paper is placed on it and pressed down. This creates another impression. And so on. All of these images were printed in limited editions, often in editions of 50, but sometimes in smaller editions and sometimes in larger editions. In some cases we only have one or two impressions of a particular image; in other cases we have multiple impressions from an edition. Each of the prints we are offering is in excellent condition and pencil signed by Fritz Eichenberg.